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BEST SELLER - Pineapple Passionfruit


   Our best seller Pineapple Passionfruit candy flavored hookah tip is a blend of juicy sweet pineapple and passionfruit that goes with every hookah flavor.   Our Recommended Shisha Flavor: ALL 

Fruit Punch


   Our Fruit Punch candy flavored hookah tip is a tropical blend of fruity goodness that goes with fruit based hookah flavors.   Our Favorite Shisha Match: Love66   

Blue Swirl


 Our new Blue Swirl candy hookah tip is a mouth-watering battle of blueberry flavors that adds a tasteful twist to your hookah session. It goes well with every berry hookah flavor. Our recommended shisha flavor: Blueberry Mint

Strawberry Lemonade


Our Strawberry Lemonade flavored hookah tip  is a sweet strawberry taste combined with a lemon zest to create a quenching flavor that goes with most hookah flavors.   Our Favorite Shisha Match:   Lemon Mint     

Apple Swirl


Our new Apple Swirl candy hookah tip is a mouth-watering juicy apple taste, identical to your favorite Granny Smith Green Apples that will give you a great feel for fall.  Our recommended shisha flavor: Apple Mint 

Stacy Cotton Candy Stacy Cotton Candy

Stacy Cotton Candy

$3.00 $1.00

  Our Cotton Candy flavored hookah tip is a caramellic unique flavor combination that goes with vanilla based hookah flavors.   Our Favorite Shisha Match:  Vanilla